The cattery of Siberian cats "Adagio"

О породе Сибирская кошка
Питомник сибирских кошек



The kittens and cats for you.
A sale, exchange of breeding animals.

The cattery owner is an instructor-felinolog Tatiana Vasiljevna Mamedova.
(T. Mamedova has 10 years experience in breeding).

We are glad to offer unusual kittens to you.
First of all, the father of these three cats is the Champion of Europe – Trofim Trifimitch Taioshnaja Skazka. At the exhibition « The Best cats of a year. PRO-PLAN » he became the best Siberian cat of Russia of the year 2006.
Secondly, we are offering grown up kittens to you. It is very interesting offer for the future owners as only by 8-10 months it becomes clear, what kind of kittens they becomes. In accordance with the criterion of Siberian cats, they are still kids, only by two years they become adults. Siberian cats are very devoted cats, grateful to their owners. They have the stable psychic and the strong health. They are very clever. They remember the place where they have to sharpen claws, where the toilet is and where the “dining room” is very fast. A big family and lonely people can have the Siberian cat. Getting a kitten from the cattery, you could get the info about exhibition results of the parents of the kitten, about in his (her) living conditions, etc.
Animals of ours cattery is not revealed PKD and HCM. The result is negative, our cats are healthy and don’t have given illnesses in the genetics.
The third, today on the 25-th of January, 2007, is the day of Tatiana and we made our site ready.
Today I have a name-day. I congratulate all women, who have the name of Tatiana. I realized my dream. In this year, for the first time, in our cattery three red kittens were born. Today they are grown up. You can see their photos. The red cats are a big rarity.
The kittens of the cattery "Adagio " are vaccinated in according with the age. They are well-fad and well brought up. You can see how kind and charming they are! They are waiting for there owners.

The photos of kittens


Birth day is 13 November 2015

        Hard Adagio - male, color n 23


Father Mother

  Ch. Miron-Rizhik Adagio - color d 22     

Ch. Sharliza Adagio - color n 23

Birth day is 17 November 2015

       Tchitron Adagio - male, color n 23  Tchiolina Adagio - female, color n 23 
Father Mother

      Gr.Int.Ch. Butuz Adagio - color n 23  

Ch. Neringa Adagio - color n 23
Birth day 9 January 2016
      Erika Adagio - female, color n22    Edita Adagio - female, color n22 



Father Mother

   Gr.Int. Ch. Butuz Adagio - male,     color n 23                         Ńh. Grunya Adagio- female, color n 22
Birth day 22 December 2015
Anuta Seliger - female, color n 23     Antip Seliger - male, color n 23    
Arhip Seliger - male, color n 23      
Father Mother
   Ch. Imbir Adagio - male, color n 23         Ch.Eliza Adagio - female, color n 23 
Birth day 11 February 2016

 Yanina Adagio - female, color fn 23    

Yarina Adagio - female, color fn 23    
       Yahont adagio - male, color n 23      
                      Father                       Mother
         Ch.Miron-Rizik Adagio - male, color d 22              Ńh. Nikol Adagio - female, color n 23 

Питомник сибирских кошек "Адажио