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The cattery of Siberian cats "Adagio"

"Adagio" - in translation from Italian means majestic, quiet, worthy, as our Siberian cats.


Everyone who likes Siberian cats is welcome to visit our site. “The Siberian cat” is a magnificent breed. This breed is called by western felinologes as “a royal cat”. In their opinion, such fluffy beauty can cause the furor not only at a prestigious cat's exhibition, but also on the royal court.
Siberians are surprisingly combined in themselves a kind, tender character and good health with stately calmness and instant reaction of a wood beast. There is no allergy on a coat of these cats. We would like to tell you how to make the right test. Probably you have an allergy on a household dust, instead of on a coat.
As it is known there are lefthanders among people, they are also among Siberian cats, they are called as leftpaws. On what it influences? How to define what kitten you have? Read on our site.
We will tell you, how the real Siberian cat looks like and how the cattery owners see a Siberian cat today. We will introduce our cattery, and you will see photos of our favorites. We will introduce you our owners of cats and cattery owners of other catteries.

We will talk about a traditional and infrequent color, about a color with a drawing and without a drawing (about a solid color). We will also talk about a possible and inadmissible color.
It is time to tell the truth that the Siberian cats and Neva Masquerade cats are different cats. Documents and evidences you can see on a separate page of our site.
We would be glad, if our good advices will be useful to you. They are on a separate page.
If you have decided to buy Siberian kitten, go on a page «Kittens for you». Look at our kids, they are the robust fellows. Good luck to you! All photos on our site are executed by Natalia Sinitsina and Valery Sinitsin. The first photo of our cat is made by them in 1995.

A little about myself:
My name is Tatiana Vasiljevna Photo
Ivanova – Mamedova.
I’m a head and the owner of the "Adagio" cattery.
I was graduated the institute of the Light industry of S.M. Kirov in Leningrad.
I was teaching « The modeling of clothes » for 18 years and I have never assumed, that my life would be changed because of Siberian kitten in my house.

The kitten called Hortensie Belis. Hortensie had a magnificent color: black-silver marble. Now I understand how important is to made the right choice of the first kitten and then all was so emotionally. I saw and understood that it was my cat. But all was so successfully, the cat has grown very beautiful and tender. I would like to say many thanks to Inessa Maltseva the owner of my cat. I am interested very much in Siberian breed and I finished courses of felinologe under the management of T.Emeljanova, T.Bakalova, I.Shustrova. Today I have a good knowledge of Siberian breed and I’m professional factory owner.



How does this native breed look like? How do factory owners see this breed today? Before to tell about it, a something about the origin of the breed. >>


The cattery "Adagio" news

There are Adagio cattery have new litters (12 December 2019). Are you may look they on "Our kitten" page.

At the cat show of the MFA on April 20, 2014 Siberian cat Yaromir Adagio still "Best of breed"



The cattery of Siberian cats “Adagio”
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The cattery of Siberian cats "Adagio"